Layers Unleashed



Most of us try to hide these mishaps in the back of our mind and never pick them back up, thinking we can navigate through life smoothly. The truth is… these very same situations haunt us every day because we have not dealt with them. We are not at peace. We tend to carry them along in our everyday life and allow it to generate feelings of anger, rage, defeat, hurt, and pain. It’s important that we identify the root of our issues that continually stop us from truly succeeding in life.   


When a problem occurs, it is highly likely to be a result of something that is not right with the way you’re living. Everything in life has a cause and effect to it. You are in hefty debt because you didn’t live within your means; you got involved in toxic friendships or relationships because you were too trusting or did not allow yourself to really get to know a person and the list goes on. Think of your issues like the layers of an onion. When you cut it open each layer is a different size. Well, when it comes to your problems, each issue has a different depth. The objective is to dig as deep as you can to the root of the issue, and then create an action plan on how to heal from that issue. As healing is achieved, you will be launched step by step towards living a happy and healthy life.


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